It’s an Uphill Climb

Photo by Michal Marcol

Time is of the essence. TIme flies when you are having fun. Just a couple clichés that concern time, but both imply that time is something elusive, we never seem to have enough of it and the time we do have is often “of the essence,” it is important that we do what we need to right away before the time is gone. Time is also often the excuse as to why some teachers do not feel that they can do technology in their classrooms. They have too many things on their plate already and not enough time to do the “essentials,” let alone add some technology into their curriculum. Time, to me, is really the key to becoming familiar with technology, and when teachers are so busy, how does one get them to see that they need to make time for their own learning so that their students can be the beneficiaries of this personal professional development? What is a technology facilitator like myself supposed to do?

Well, like I said, it is an uphill climb. It is one though, that I cannot decide I am not going to tackle; it is my job after all. So what am I doing? I am popping in to classes when I know they have the laptops (they may be using websites) to see what they are doing and I send lots of emails asking for some time to meet. Eventually, in time, my time will come.

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