“Courage and Grace”

The other day at our staff meeting, I had asked a couple of teachers to please speak briefly about how they have been using technology in their classroom. I specifically asked teachers who in the past had been hesitant to use technology because they did not feel they knew how to use the computer, let alone teach the children to use it. These teachers have been so fantastic and so courageous because they let the children use the laptops while they themselves were nervous about what would happen. What they found was that the children were fine, they were fine and that it was ok to not be the expert in front of their students. In fact, the students, first graders even, were thrilled to become the expert and teach their teacher what they had figured out on their own!

These teachers stood up in front of our colleagues and told them that they were trying podcasting with their first grade students or researching and presenting information using Glogster in fourth grade. When these teachers said that they don’t know what they are doing but are doing it anyway, it created a little buzz among some of the other teachers who are now saying, “I need to get going here and let my students move forward.” When I heard that, I thought to myself, “this is exactly why I wanted these teachers to speak at our meeting!”

I hope that I can harness this buzz and parlay it into more teachers sharing their journey towards seamless integration.


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