“Can We Do This at Home?”

Old Letters and Quill by Simon Howden

I have children excited about writing. I have children asking if they “can do this at home.” I have children thinking about their audience. I have children thinking about writing an interesting and catchy title. I have children teaching other children about citing their images. I am having conversations about being kind online and using good netiquette. We are talking about representing yourself in a positive way and what that means.

“How am I doing this?” you ask.

Blogging. We have started using kidblogs with some of the fourth grade students and they are writing up a storm because they are excited about writing. More than that, they are excited to take their writing out of their notebooks and make it accessible to readers outside of their classroom and their school, even their continent. These students are beginning to think about their writing in a way they have not had to before. And, most importantly, these students are asking if they can do this at home.

What more can a teacher ask for.

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