New Year New You?

Today is the first day of school. I have been out of the school mode since mid-June because during the summer I move into my other job as the office and health center manager of an over night camp. Though I am out of school, I am never far from my connections, even when I am not actually connecting because I regularly check my Google reader feeds to see what I am missing. As they say, miss a day, miss a lot.

So today is the first day of school and I am in my new digs. We had some room changes and since I move in and out of the classrooms, it made sense that I give up my room and move in with the librarian; now we are a “library media” space.

Anyway, the new school year brings excitement, worries and goals. I have a handful of goals for to start off this academic year

  1. To continue to move my colleagues towards making more connections for both their students and themselves
  2. To inspire more teachers to share their work and brag about what they and their students are doing through the use of blogs
  3. To help teachers move from excuses to why nots
  4. To continue to learn and broaden my scope and reach
  5. To facilitate an online or offline graduate course (OK, this last one is really a reach but it is one that at some point I would really like to attain)

There are many more goals and things I would like to do but I will start here and add more as we go along. So, what new ideas will you bring to your new school year? Will you be the same “you” or will you try to improve yourself? Will your students be treated to the same old, same old, or will you be inspired to try something different, to try an uncharted course? Let me know, I would love to hear how you and your classroom are evolving!

photo credit: kalyan02 via photo pin cc


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