Go Ahead, Brag a Little

This morning I read @georgecouros’ most recent post on his blog and I was inspired by this question that he posed: Why are you not blogging? George was referring to a post that Alan Levine wrote about on his blog. After lots of clicking and reading, I decided to write my feelings on the question.

So, I often ask my colleagues, not necessarily, “Why aren’t you blogging,”  but “Why wouldn’t you want to share what you are doing with other teachers?” “Why wouldn’t you want to show off the great things that you are doing with your students?”

Personally, I would love all of my teachers to have a blog where they could reflect on what they are teaching, share their lessons that are successful and even not successful, announce something they are doing with their class, post information that parents might need to know, and connect with other classes.

But many are fearful of what they are not familiar with.

Or they are fearful of not having time to post regularly.

Or they just do not feel they even have the time to think, let alone write about it.

Alan Levine had some great thoughts when it came to teachers and blogging that you can read here, but the gist of what he said, was that a blog is not a thesis paper and it should not be seen as such. One should not over think their posts. As he says, “If you are spending that long writing a blog post, then you are wasting time. And you are blogging wrongly.”

The point I want to get across is that teachers should not go into their classroom and shut the door on the opportunities they would have if they opened their mind to the possibilities of sharing the great work they are doing with their students.

Be it a blog, a wiki, a mural.ly, find a platform from which you can begin to create or enhance your professional digital footprint.

So, go ahead, brag a little. What’s holding you back?
photo credit: andreakw via photo pin cc

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