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Each week (ok, to be honest, I try to create and share a Web Wow Wednesday screencast, but sometimes I do not, but for this post’s sake, let’s continue) I look around through the various items in my Google Reader, or as I check out Twitter, I come across tools, posts or articles that I think might benefit my colleagues and/or their students. Usually I will either create a shortcut on my desktop or clip the page to my Evernote notebook (now that I am using Evernote), and then decide which one I would like to share on any given week. Sometimes I just cannot wait until Wednesday so I will post a Monday edition or a Thirsty Thursday edition, but more often than not, I send out my “Web Wows” on Wednesdays. Quite honestly, when I was thinking of a name, I went with Wednesday because of the alliteration.

I use my Quick Time application’s screen recording feature and make my screencasts, highlighting a site, how to use it, what it can do and how  teachers can adapt it or use it in their classroom. I always try to give ideas of how they can use it in their classroom. These screencasts are short, no more than 5 minutes (unless I am highlighting 2 sites because they are just too great to wait a week) and unless I have made a blooper, or it sounds really awful, I often save after my first try. Occasionally, the weekly Web Wow is just a link to an article that I think is provocative, interesting or important for my colleagues and I will not create a screencast, but I will send out the link.

I keep my Web Wow Wednesday recordings on my resource wiki and you can get access to them directly by clicking here if you want.

When I share the weekly Web Wow with my colleagues, I include the link in an email introduction. I thought it might be (nice?), helpful to also post these  here. Not to mention, it gives me something to blog about!

So, without further ado, here is Today’s Web Wow Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday edition! This week does not include a screencast. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Today’s Web Wow features our very own Shipley PLN Paper.Li!

What is it? Paper.li is a content curator of feeds from Twitter, Google or other web content. Wendy, Oscar and I (@3techcoaches) have decided that having a way to gather great links to educational articles, posts, blogs and sites  into a handy dandy “newspaper” that we could then share with you on a weekly basis would be a fantastic new addition to our professional learning network.

How does it work? Paper.li is associated with a twitter (or facebook) account. When one decides to create a paper.li, s/he chooses which people to follow, which hashtags (#) to follow or which blogs to follow. Whenever either the person we have selected (for example, @teacherdebra or @wendye40), the blog we want to follow (for example freetech4teachers) or the hashtag (#elemchat) is used, it curates to the Paper.li. To find out more how to use Paper.li, click here for their help/forum pages.

Can anyone use it and make a Paper.li? Yes, anyone who wants can sign up and begin aggregating feeds; just go to the Paper.li site and start your own newspaper.

Today’s Shipley PLN has some excellent articles but I would like to direct your attention to 3 on the front page: Passion Projects, Thoughts on Student Blogging and Ways to stimulate reserved students in the classroom. Of course there is a whole lot more, you will just have to check it out and click through each tab.

More to come next week!

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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