I am so excited to begin this ETMOOC (educational technology open online course) with over a thousand members worldwide. I look forward to participating in the weekly learning sessions and Twitter chats and learning with and from all the great educators who are leading and taking part in the course. For the first assignment I chose to create a short i-movie telling a little bit about me. You can view it below by clicking on the link. Aside from how ridiculous my voice sounds, the rest is good. I wear a lot of different hats (as many of us do) but after being a parent, one of my favorite hats is that of being a teacher and working with children.

Who Am I?

Music credit: Alone in the Cold, Acoustic Guitar

2 thoughts on “#ETMOOC

  1. Your introductory video is very nice, Debra! No, you don’t sound any different than everyone else who lives outside of Philadelphia! Sounds perfectly normal to me, but then I lived in the area for years!
    I haven’t decided what I will create, which will be this weekend. I have lots of other small things that I need to clean off of my plate. I have several volunteer projects that I am involved in and sometimes spread myself a little too thin.
    I look forward to reading your blogs!

    • Hi Laurie,
      Thank you! I get being spread too thin; it sounds like you too have a lot that you are involved with. The good thing about this course is that the webinars are recorded, the blogs are curated and the group isn’t going anywhere. When you find that you are ready, everything will still be there.

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