Connecting, Collaborating, Sharing, Oh My! This week’s Highlights

agenda_plannerSo much to share in this week’s Shipley PLN Lower School Edition and the focus or theme is all about Connected Educator Month and ways to become a Connected Educator.

First off is a blog post and video about what it means to be a connected educator. The embedded video shows a “day in the life” of this 6th grade teacher.

Second is this article from edudemic which highlights several free webinars that will happen throughout the month of October. Each webinar is focused on helping teachers and administrators make connections. Be sure to click on the link to register for these free events. All are recorded so you can watch on your own time if you can’t make it to the “live” event. I would strongly suggest checking out the recording from October 1st: “Connecting and Collaborating in Elementary Classrooms.” This article also includes an infograohic on what connected educators do (which is a nice complement to the video in the above post). October 8th’s webinar will be most beneficial: Creating a Connected Classroom. I hope you will register for this and put it on your calendar.

Next is this post from Tom Whitby, creator of The Educator’s PLN and frequent #edchat moderator. He asks the question, “Do we really need connected educators?” and then proceeds to describe the benefits that being connected offers teachers and students.

Last, but certainly not least, is this link to the Connected Educators calendar of events page. You can filter these by topic, audience (teacher, admin, etc), or event type (book club, webinar, twitter chat).

Now, before I sign off, I do want to mention that there are a whole host of other amazing articles in the Shipley PLN Lower School Edition on topics ranging from math and number sense, to helping students learn breathing techniques to reduce stress, to articles on character education, rigor and motivation, and using YouTube’s audio library for downloading copyright free music for your digital storytelling projects. I encourage you to check these or some of these out, but that you at least click on the links that might be interesting to you and those that will help you move forward in making connections for yourself and your students.

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