Uh oh, why is the school calling?

image credit: pixabay

image credit: pixabay

Yesterday afternoon I had a scare– I saw a missed call on my phone from my children’s high school. I immediately got a pit in my stomach because the only other time- the one time- my kids’ school called was to tell me that my son was being a little too chatty (with some girls) in class. I have never, I mean NEVER gotten a call from my child’s teacher let alone a call like that. So when I saw the missed call I immediately thought, uh oh, who did what now? I called back but the school secretary did not know who had placed the call, so I just had to wait another minute or two until the voicemail alert popped up.

When I listened to the message I was almost in tears. My daughter’s teacher called to tell me that my daughter was one of only two to earn a perfect score on her mid-term. The teacher went on to tell me what a hard worker my daughter is and how much she loves having her in class. The message (and shortly thereafter the actual phone call) went on with many more positive things to say but when I hung up I thought to myself that it’s kind of a shame that I hardly ever hear these things ( I did receive a beautiful email -which I saved- a few years ago from my son’s high school Spanish teacher) and that my first thought when I saw the missed call was a negative one.

So why is that and what does it say about school and teachers? The call itself (and the email a few years ago) took less than five minutes but it made my whole afternoon. I think that we need to take five, or 10 minutes to reach out and make those kinds of calls or send a quick email. It does not take much time, it’s benefits are long-lasting, and it might prevent another uh-oh moment from happening.

Hopefully the next time the school calls, I will assume the best rather than the worst.


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