You Don’t Need a Campfire for These S’mores

If you are looking for an easy, fun, creative way to share information with your parents, colleagues, PLN, students, customers (who knows, you might have a side business), look no further than Tackk. It is very similar to S’more in that you can easily add text, images, links, videos, and change the layout to fit your style and needs. Share your Tackk via facebook, twitter, email, link it, pin it, or print it. This is one that you will love!

This next is primarily for Science teachers or anyone who wants to learn how to make a circuit. Thanks to middle school’s Bethan Silva for sharing it AND the showme link from last week.

Here is one I have shared previously that I think your students are absolutely going to LOVE and so will you.  It has great potential for allowing your students to show their understanding of a situation while creating these fake text messages. You can see mine right here. I happened across this post in my Feedly from Richard Byrne and thought it was a good one to share again. His post includes a short video on creating the fake texts. This is one you can start using right away!

I love the idea of teachers integrating the reading and enjoying of poetry as part of their day. This post from Karl Fisch’s Fischbowl is an example of digital poetry. I’m sharing it because it reading it gave me an idea for you to try: what if your students took a poem and then found images to illustrate the idea, put these images in a digital storytelling tool like Animoto, HaikuDeck, I-movie, GarageBand (you get the picture) and then depending upon the audio capabilities of the chosen tool, add both text and their voice reading the poem (or just text or words). Hmmm?! Do you love the idea as much as I do? Then this could be part of a larger lesson on using writing to create descriptive, visual language so that others could then choose images to go with that student’s own writing. I have more ideas if you want to do some brainstorming . . . .

Who loves to use Post-its as much as I do? I know that Carole is currently using the to capture the  vocabulary that her students are finding while they are reading Island of the Blue Dolphins. Well, this app will DIGITISE your paper post-its allowing you to then toss out the paper ones when finished, and manipulate and share the digital ones. Totally cool if you are asking. Now, if you want to go digital right from the start, then just go to padlet or linoit.


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