Something for everyone: #Reading, #Writing, #Grammar, #History & #Music

I have just perused this week’s Shipley PLN Lower School Edition and found some excellent articles, videos, and posts for you. 

In no particular order, here you are:

Teach With Movies (now free) is a site that allows you to do what it says, teach with movies and accompanying lesson plans. There are movies for all topics and subjects as well as all ages from 3 to college level. This happens to link to movies that teach US History- the Colonial Period. You can view whole movies, snippets, clips, and short subjects. This is COOL!

This next is exciting news for all of our lower school teaches who are going to be having our laptops refreshed this summer! It might not mean anything to you now, but this is one you will want to put in your back pocket because it involves AIRDROP! Let me put it this way, sharing amongst friends (or anyone in the room really with an IOS device- and I mean laptops, iPhones, and iPads) just got a whole lot easier.

Speaking of iPads, here are 5 Great Writing Apps!

Reading and Writing go hand in hand- to become a better writer, write more and read more; to become a better reader, read more and write more. At least this is what Lucy Calkins and Reggie Routman espoused in the 90s. Now I have not pulled this from nowhere, this post by EdTech Teacher speaks to the relationship between reading and writing and what sounds like an amazing app to help children become better at both. How, you ask! Read on to learn about Write Reader. Imagine your students typing and the app SAYS EACH LETTER SOUND AS YOUR CHILD TYPES! Now also imagine that there is a space below for you to write the words correctly a la language experience. Yep, it seems that good!

FREE posters, charts, and lesson plans for writing and grammar! Enough said.

Planet Nutshell is a video site for teachers and students. Now they have added videos for PreK too! Read about it here from Free Tech 4 Teachers. For more educational video sites, visit my livebinder!

You have heard of teachers teaching teachers, this is students teaching students and that is why I love this next one- Learning Walls. Why I love it is because it leverages the knowledge in the room because everyone knows something that someone else might need help with. Each one teach one!

Anxiety is a word we all know and have maybe even experienced at times, and this sketch artist explains it perfectly using pictures and some very good analogies. Something we can all learn from.

Our very own 3R was featured in the today!! Check out their Aquatic Animal Research Google Slides presentations. I promise you will be impressed by their bullet points, pics, and overall research presentation!

One of the skills students need to have for modern learning is critical thinking- the ability to question, analyze, and make judgments. This site The Historical Thinking Project aims to help teachers create lessons that will engage their students in critical thinking with regards to history and how what they are learning about is relevant today. After browsing through the site, one of the things I like are the different historical thinking concept templates that you can use with your students because they ask your students to take different perspectives, give evidence, and think about history with a critical eye. While this site is based in Canada, the templates are for everyone.

Music lovers and teachers, Stringquest is for you! It brings musical enjoyment, learning, history, and knowledge to students and lovers of music of all ages in a fun, game-based way. Resources, curriculum and more. Seriously, there is so much here that I think you will love it.

For word cloud lovers, this is for you. I happen to enjoy a good word cloud, but did you know that word clouds are a great way to find themes in writing, speeches, poems, and more? Read on for 5 Ways to use word clouds in your classroom.

Last is the relationship between Questions and Answers, aka QAR. This post from Reading Rockets speaks to why, how, when to use the QAR approach (you can use it in math for word problems!) and also gives some great examples of books you can use to teach the different response strategies (Right there questions, think and search, author and you, and on my own). 

I hope you find even one of these useful or interesting; if you do, feel free to drop me a line!


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