Boo! A Not so Scary Share

This week I am sharing articles and posts that I think are timely and important.

I just read this article about the importance of helping and teaching our students not only about how to be good digital citizens, but also how to be good digital leaders. Just because they don’t see themselves doing anything stupid or silly online when they Google themselves does not mean that they should not be found at all. We need to help and encourage our students to create a positive digital footprint so that they can be found when Googled, and that when they are, it shows their leadership, innovations, and inspirations.

Since many are implementing digital portfolios, I thought this EdWeek article by Larry Ferlazzo about the importance of making reflection a habit would be appropriate to share. EdWeek articles require a log in to read. This is free to subscribe to with your school email and a password.

I read an article from The New York Times about teaching math and in it was this great site for math riddles to be used for problem solving and critical thinking that I thought you might like to try with your (older for many riddles) classes. The riddles range in difficulty from easy to very challenging and topics from Geometry to Algebra, probability, logic, and more and would probably be best if these were worked on in small groups so students can practice problem solving collaboratively. 

Here is a site that I shared last year but that came by again in my Twitter feed this morning. is a cool site for learning and creating using interactive multimedia timelines like this featured one on Life in the Colonies or this one on Using Twitter in your classroom. You can include text, images, videos, and quizzes in the timelines you create and then share or embed these on your site. One drawback that I have is the inability to filter timelines by subject. The site is free to sign up and free to create, though access to some of the really great bundles that creates  (and there are some really perfect ones for our 4th and 5th graders) are for premium users at $49/year. Beyond that, it’s pretty cool.

That’s all folks.

3 thoughts on “Boo! A Not so Scary Share

  1. Hi Debra,

    Thanks for mentioning HSTRY in your blog post. Just writing to let you know that we’re in the process of implementing a ‘Search’ function on HSTRY. This will enable teachers to find appropriate materials for their grade and subject level. It should be ready by early next week 🙂

    HSTRY is also a great platform for having students create digital portfolios too, we’ve lots of creative uses by teachers and students.

    Thomas Ketchell
    Co-Founder of HSTRY

    • Hi Thomas,
      Thank you for reading and responding. I am glad to hear that soon there will be a search feature; I think that will be very helpful in finding the great timelines that are on your site. The teachers with whom I’ve shared Hstry with love what they see!

      • Thanks Debra!

        Don’t hesitate to email me thomas(at) if you have any feature requests or feedback from some of your colleagues. We love to hear from educators!

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