Great Finds Lead to Great Shares

This week is a multi-tab week for sharing. I have come across so many interesting articles, sites, and tips that I am just going to move from left to right and jump right in!

Heather Lister is “Technically a Librarian” and definitely one to follow. Her latest post, “Make Writing” came out of a conversation she and a fellow colleague had about a recent book they read of the same title. Make Writing proposes combining the creativity and enthusiasm of the maker space with the creativity of the writers workshop. Lister shares eight options that you and your students can start trying now. Options range from stop motion stories to blackout poetry to coding.

Next up is a free download from Education Week’s Spotlight. This Spotlight features several recent articles on the topic of growth mindset. One of the articles, “In Math, Positive Mindset May Prime Students’ Brains” speaks to research on how a positive mindset can make learning math and solving problems come more easily by priming the part of the brain where math memory and recall for math knowledge lives. In another article Carol Dweck offers “6 Tips to Nurture a Growth Mindset” including this: move beyond effort towards strategies for doing something differently to improve effort, “What can I do to help myself?”

I recently learned about something new from PBS Learning Media and that is their Masterpiece Collection which features browsable lesson plans and video clips from Masterpiece  Theater to support writing about and understanding complex literature and texts. Authors include Jane Austen, Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte, Charles Dickens, Anne Frank, and several others.

If you use Google Slides you will love this addition! Audience Q&A is a new feature that becomes an option when you go into presentation mode. If you want to allow your audience to ask questions and give general feedback, you select Q&A, project the link for your audience, then your audience is able to interact with you throughout your talk. Voila!

The final share of the week brings a list of amazing Google add-ons and scripts from Alice Keeler- Google Certified Educator (among many other things) extraordinaire- that will improve your workflow and organization and make you want to jump up and down with excitement because of what you will be able to do. Open the link and scroll on down to Filter Roster to see what I mean.

For a look at other articles and posts I recently had open, you can click here and view my One Tab.

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