A Trio of Tools

29848464932_1aeb40a637_qThis week I am excited to present 103 great tools! Now you may be wondering if I was sharing that many why did I only mention a “trio” in my title? Well, the extra 100 come from this list of Top 100 Tech Tools for Education, many of which you will see that you know.

While I do know a good number of these, here is one I did not know: Moovly. Moovly is similar to MySimpleShow that I introduced last week yet offers more editing tools and options. Where MySimpleShow is simple and you can put your presentations together in 3 fairly quick and easy steps, Moovly is simple in a more involved way. You can easily spend hours building your RSAanimate-style presentation (but you don’t have to!). Moovly has an education platform that will allow you and your age 13 and up students the ability to create, present, co-edit, and share animated videos. Here is the one I am working on about best practices in professional development for a course I am currently taking.


This next tool was shared with me by our head of middle school and I must say, it looks excellent and has amazing potential! Let’s Recap is a web and app-based platform for video feedback for your classroom. You create a free account, assign a prompt/problem/question to your students who then use video to respond. You can see your students’ thinking as they reflect on the assigned prompt. This is a great tool for formative assessment, for students who find it easier to talk through problems (or for whom typing or writing is difficult), and for fostering the habit of reflecting on their learning. I am pretty excited to give this a try!

Last are two short lists of great Youtube channels for history and social studies teachers. The first is a list of 7 to which I would add History Pod (for their daily what happened on this day in history), HistoryTeachers (if you like music, you’ll love what history teachers does), and Schoolhouse Rock (because I love when learning is put to music!). Interestingly enough, when I opened this week’s Shipley PLN Lower & Middle School Edition, I saw on the front page this next list of 20  great channels for social studies teachers that includes many of the 7. So whichever you choose to check out, I think you will find at least one channel to which to subscribe!

photo credit: Marcus Rahm tooltime via photopin (license)

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