Read, Snap, Doodle, Share, Repeat

Sometimes I read something and I immediately want to share it. This morning while looking through my Twitter feed I saw several posts with the hashtag #booksnap. Since I had never seen that before and certainly had no idea what it was, I clicked on it. I scrolled through several tweets with pictures from pages of books that were written on, drawn on, and typed on until I found one that had a link to what this was all about.

#Booksnaps are a perfect blend of what teachers want students to do with books- read, engage, connect, find meaning- and what many students love to do- take and share pics via snapchat.


When ideas and related concepts can be encapsulated in an image, the brain remembers the information associated with that image. ~Katrina Schwartz, Mineshift KQED

Part of what makes this such an exciting idea, is that the snapchat app allows users to add fun doodles, emojis, and stickers to the pics they snap. Sketchnoting and doodling are great ways to help move information to long-term memory. When your students (or your colleagues) find text they want to snap, they can add their own text, drawings, doodles, arrows, or stickers on top of it making their own mini sketchnote of the idea and thereby making it meaningful and memorable. A #winwin for everyone!




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