Math and More!

banner-1183443_960_720This week I am focusing on sharing some great math sites and articles since that appears to be the subject of all but one of my open tabs.

It started with an email from PBS Learning Media (you know I love that site) about some fun math videos like this one, “I ❤ Math”. Of course I cannot stop at just one click so I looked at some of PBS Learning Media’s other math offerings and found their Math Club which is geared towards 6th -9th grade math and aligns with Common Core Standards. They even have InstaCram sessions– 15 second videos for 4th -9th grade students on various math topics like integers and the commutative property.

I love the articles from KQED News and this one on making math more emotionally engaging for students is excellent as it talks about reducing math anxiety, having students work collaboratively, and showing math’s usefulness to students’ lives. This article referenced, Annenberg’s resource site and what a find that was! When I visited Learner.Org I found it is the Annenberg Learner site with resources, lesson plans, videos, professional development offerings from kindergarten through college, the arts, foreign language, and all other core subjects including literature. It is a site worth spending some time browsing.

Math anxiety also came up in this article, “Fluency Without Fear” which highlights the importance of understanding and number sense over memorization and timed tests.

Math anxiety has now been recorded in students as young as 5 years old (Ramirez, et al, 2013) and timed tests are a major cause of this debilitating, often life-long condition. But there is a second equally important reason that timed tests should not be used – they prompt many students to turn away from mathematics.

Marilyn Burns discusses number sense and shows its importance in this one hour EdWeek webinar, Developing Students’ Numerical Understanding and Skill.

If you have been reading my blog, you know I often reference Alice Keeler as she does amazing work with Google apps, add ons, and scripts. This week I am sharing her Upgrade the Worksheet: Place Value and her Math Puzzles, Get Students Thinking posts. Both offer fun, authentic upgrades to traditional worksheets and Keeler supplies the templates for you to then use/modify for your class. Since Keeler often references Depth of Knowledge in her posts, I am including a link here to downloadable DOK charts for the content areas as well as a link to her post on DOK conversations she has been having with teachers via #DOKchat.

While searching around for some math games for one of my third grade colleagues, I came across this jackpot of fun learning games for ALL subjects from the Arts to the Sciences, and ALL grades from elementary through high school. Bonus!

Lastly, another interesting article by KQED News, this time on the benefit that regular quizzing has on making information stick. The article references a psychology professor from my alma mater, Washington University. Professor Roediger is “obsessed” with memory, particularly how and why people remember things.

“Roediger said, ‘We don’t get information into memory just to have it sit there. We get it in to be able to use it later. … And the actual act of retrieving the information over and over, that’s what makes it retrievable when you need it.'” ~Freemark

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