The ‘Next Best Thing to Being There’

small_6291497204Today was a great day! I met with second and third grade students beginning or continuing their glog and sat in on a technology meeting. I also stayed with my daughter who was home sick from school. How was I able to be in two places at once you ask? Face Time, that’s how. Yes, I stayed at home with my daughter, but I also was able to maintain my scheduled class times by using Face Time. It was excellent! The teacher called me and I was able to participate in the conversation and the class via the projector. In one class, the students were all working independently, and I hung out on the screen watching them work and help each other. When one of them had a question that they were unable to figure out, they came over to the laptop and asked me, then they were able to help the next person if this issue popped up again. It was literally ‘the next best thing to being there.’


photo credit: marsmet542 via photopin cc