This Week’s Purpose

“A purpose can increase your persistence for what you do.” ~Angela Duckworth

My purpose in writing these posts is to share great things I find with my colleagues and others who might not have the time to read and sort through all that is out there. I made it my purpose when I started my current job 11 years ago. As I was learning about great things, I wanted to share them with others. When inviting people to my room did not work, I made a wiki (now defunct and the resources live here). Then I started making video messages and posting them to my wiki. And then to share what I had added to my wiki, I started this blog. So, please enjoy today’s purpose below!

Have you checked out Nearpod lately? There are a ton of free lessons on all subjects in both English and Spanish. Just doing a quick filter for free lessons in grades 2-8, I found ice breakers, lessons on social emotional learning, a lesson on Harriet Tubman, the Great Wall of China, lessons on different writing styles, Chemistry, and The Declaration of Independence. Of course if you were to look, you could filter more specifically for your grade and subject and you are bound to find at least one lesson that you could use right away with your students. Nearpod lessons include text, images, drawings, video, and more and what they all do is allow your whole class to participate and interact with the content at the same time and on their own screen. You can create your own lessons, use one from another teacher, or a combination of the the two.

Next is a post from Matt Miller on In ‘n Out Burger. Well, it’s not really on In ‘n Out Burger because Matt always shares tools and tips we can use. His post is about the secret menus that are out there that we might not know to ask about (which makes sense if they are secret). Anyway, in his post, Miller shares things about Google Slides that we might not know about and that are really helpful once we hear about them. My personal favorites are the paint roller (which, to be honest, I still need more time to play with) and the set as background option for things you don’t want your students moving when you create and share templates with them. Of course, the captions are pretty cool too but you will have to check out the post to see what I am talking about.

You might remember that over the last couple years I have shared posts about the DITCH Summit (that link is to last year’s summit post) that happens in December. Well, December is soon upon us and for nine days there will be another FREE virtual DITCH Summit for you to get your learning on. These are always worthwhile, always thought-provoking, and always motivating. The best part is that you can watch the videos when it works for you during the summit. A new video and supporting materials is posted each day during the nine days BUT when it’s over, it’s over. So, sign up