What if

What if we all decided to try something a little risky and something that makes us not entirely comfortable? This post from Justin Tarte talks about how we as teachers can stay relevant (which is something we all need to do!).

Food for thought: creating a classroom for social justice. Jeanne Stanley would be proud . 

For all our Science friends, this Pinterest Board from Steve Spangler (who will be a guest on the Ellen show).

Here is a math site that I think could work nicely with our Math in Focus. Thinking Blocks uses models to help students set up a math word problem. Once the students set up the model (they look like the bar models you are using with MIF), then they place the labels that go with each piece. Whenthey have the model set properly, then they place the numbers in the problem. This could be a viable option for additional math practice. PreK-grade 1 friends, please take a look at this because if you think this site could work with our new math program, there is an app for the ipads which could reinforce the bar model. All math functions can be modeled with Thinking Blocks! This is already a shortcut in the Lower School Internet Shortcuts, Math folder as it is one that I shared in the past. Nancy Carroll, a teacher on Twitter shared how she is using it with her 4th grade students and looking at it made me think it could work for you too!