Love of Learning

Willingness to learn is not age-related; it’s about mindset

If you want to grow as a teacher, learning will become a way of life (1404)

“If we want to change how students learn, we must change how educators learn.” (1510)

The three quotes above (and one below) are just a few of the highlights from our book study, Innovating Inside the Box: Empowering Learners Through UDL and the Innovator’s Mindset and I am using them here to introduce today’s post which centers on professional learning. I love to learn and as mentioned in previous posts, I am a learning junkie and I love sharing what I learn with others.

 It is also a good practice to create space within the standard work day to dig into research, collaborate, share stories with colleagues about classroom and student success, and test ideas

One of the new ways our school is promoting the importance of our own professional development is by being committed to providing time during the school day for learning and gathering. For our upper and middle school colleagues, this means offering sessions at various times during the week in our Teaching Resource Center. For our lower school, so far it means Lunch & Learns*. Today was the first webinar watch party lunch and learn session that brought together some of our lower school colleagues to watch and discuss a webinar. We then hosted another viewing of a similar webinar this afternoon. While the topics of the learning sessions or webinars are important, to me, the conversations that are sparked when professional educators get together to talk about practices, vision, ways we can make learning equitable and accessible to everyone is what I find exciting and energizing. Really, it’s the time to talk, connect, and further develop relationships that will then impact our students and the school environment that is the true benefit.

So, what did we what did we watch today? The topic was Culturally Responsive Teaching and included two webinars from edWeb: Culturally Responsive Teaching So All Learners Can Be Seen, and Getting it Right: Authoring Equity for All. EquitableYou can find the links to the webinars, resources mentioned in the webinars, relevant articles, podcasts, and additional webinars in this Wakelet.

*When I say, “so far it is Lunch & Learns” what I see is that that is only a first step. It is a good one, and I love it, but that time may not work for everyone and I want to be able to find alternate times during the school day that will work for many.

Sharing with Wakelet

The other day I posted about the great things I learned even though I was not able to attend FallCue. There was so many great finds that I decided to split my weekly share into two separate posts. This is Part 2 and it comes to you via this Wakelet.  By the way, did I mention that you can share your Wakelet to your Google Classroom?!


CUEd Up!

The Fall CUE event was held this past weekend out in California, and while I was not there (I was happily visiting my son in Happy Valley),


I was able to learn about many of the great presentations by following the hashtag #FallCUE.  It was there that I saw this tweet from Heather Marshall:

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 12.19.24 PM

Boy do I feel like I hit the jackpot!

cards casino chance chip

Photo by Pixabay on

If you have read any of my previous blog posts, you know that I can be a serial clicker. I mean, I follow links to see what else there is. I’ll attribute it to my love of learning- my top character strength– and not an ability to be distracted as some might think.

So the first thing I looked at was Wakelet. Since Ms. Marshall thanked them for making her year, I thought I should see what that was about. First off, Wakelet allows you to create “collections” from the web that include pictures, social media posts, text, sound files, and links. What is more, you can explore  other peoples’ collections that you can then use in your classrooms (like this on Landfills, this on The New Silk Road, or this on Rube Goldberg machines), or for your own personal benefit (like this about Paris or this about Quinoa). You can quickly create your own free account, add the Wakelet Chrome extension, and begin saving websites and creating, embedding, and sharing your own collections from around the web!

Then I began combing through her FallCUE wakelet and WOW! First, you can see all the resources from numerous sessions here in this shared Google Drive folder. In it you will find presentation materials about Math, Writing, Coding, Digital Citizenship, more Math, Productivity, Work flow, HyerDocs and more! You will need time to look through it all but it will be worth it!

Speaking of HyperDocs, I opened this FallCUE multimedia text set and here is where it gets exciting! There are sample templates, resources for building MultiMedia Text Sets, links to content and more. Here are some fantastic things I found that connect with our curriculum while exploring:

  1. This Immigration HyperDoc
  2. Greek Mythology HyperDoc
  3. Lisa Highfill’s YouTube page filled with helpful videos with How Tos like how to create MMTS (Multi-Media Text Sets), HyperDocs explained, growth mindset, adding maps, and more. A veritable PD day on it’s own!
  4. A Padlet of HyperDocs created and shared during the HyperDocs online bootcamp. Here you will find HDs on Gilgamesh, Math, The Odyssey, To Kill a Mockingbird, Native Americans, Civil Rights, a Spanish one for Day of the Dead, and so many more!
  5. Common Lit a free site for educators that is both a digital library and instructional tool. You can choose texts, assign them to your students, and assess their reading at the same time. You can browse by book, genre, grade level, theme, literary device (from alliteration to internal conflict, symbolism, theme), or text set (including the American Colonies, Ancient Civilizations, Westward Expansion, Slavery, and more). Beginning in grade 3 and going through 12th grade, you will find a myriad of high-level texts and passages that you can begin using in your classroom as part of your reading program.

Ah, the power of Twitter and sharing and following the right people and hashtag! So, even though we may not have been at the event, we can still benefit from those who were through the resources they shared!