Indulge My Parental Pride

My daughter is in the middle school challenge program. She is a voracious reader who breezed through the Hunger Games trilogy and has inspired me to read them as well. She needed to use the vocabulary from the book to do a creative project. My suggestions to create a movie using images to illustrate the words fell on deaf ears, instead she chose to write a poem. Within about twenty minutes she had crafted this poem which I think is just too good not to share.

This is the poem I wrote for my creative quiz on the second set of Hunger Games vocabulary.

Decrepit and tenuous, her hairs plaited down her back,
Katniss lie down in the mud with a smack
Insurmountable was how everything seemed
With her adversaries and their maces it was like a bad, bad dream
She wished she were back in the capitol with a tureen filled with delicious foods
But not with Haymitch and his nasty, mean moods
With the Capitol, their demeanor, their affectations, and it all, they hoped this years games wouldn’t be anticlimactic after all
They sanctioned these games like it was an every day norm
But to the tributes, it was inexplicable in every way, shape, and form
In the Hunger Games, cornucopia was synonymous to staying alive
But in Peeta’s case, if Katniss didn’t swathe him, he’d still be fighting to survive
As you can tell, the games are very intense
And the fight to survive is very immense


2 thoughts on “Indulge My Parental Pride

    • Scott,
      Thank you for reading and commenting! Madelyn wrote this earlier this year and I have been dying to share it. She just showed me her Moodle page and there it was! I only just learned that she has been moodling around but I must say, I am happy to see it! I also saw her Lego Robotics problem-solving and am thrilled she has had the chance to engage in this kind of computer science.

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