Show Me, Doctopus & Goobric, Oh my!

The Educator with a Growth Mindset by Jackie Gerstein— Jackie did a workshop this past summer. She has provided all workshop materials including videos and slidedeck. Excellent information to start conversations and think about your own mindset.

Socratic Smackdown a game about argumentation and discussion that happens in a fishbowl. Curious? Grades 6-12 are the intended players, but I am imaging that it can be modified for 4th and 5th grade. While you are visiting the Institute of Play, be sure to check out the many other game ideas in the lefthand sidebar.

Many of you are doing some sort of image searching with your students but are you sure you are doing it the right way (I.e. You are not taking what you do not have permission to take)? In the past I have shared links to sites that have images that are either in the public domain, free to use or share, are made specifically for teachers and students, etc. Pixabay is one of those sites and they have made finding the kind of images that you want even easier. Right from the search bar you can filter for image type, size, layout, color— just like you can do with Google image search search tools. Nice!

What do you get when you combine the power of Doctopus, with the organization of Classroom? Goobric And no, it is not what you get when you combine Borax with something else to make slime.

I have mentioned #GeniusHour before and have shared several posts, tweets, and articles, but this impassioned post is one that I wanted to pass along as a plug for giving this a try in your room. The first link is to the same blog, but to information specifically about getting started with Genius Hour in your classroom.

Friends, you know I often pass things along from Richard Byrne, aka FreeTech4Teachers, well today he had a great post about a fun and authentic way for students to share their learning as they complete a topic. There are so many ways to do this and I would love to help you with it. Check it out and let’s talk.

Finally, even though you may not be from Missouri, Show Me might be the site for you and your students. Show me is a free  app for teaching or explaining anything; but even if you are not using ipads, the Show Me community has hundreds of videos on all subjects for all grades that your students can access when they need to hear things another way. This would be a great site to share on your Edmodo, blog, or Moodle.

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